Simple certification of food hygiene ratings

A food hygiene rating scheme has been deployed by the Food Safety Agency for all food businesses. Ratings are available at the business premises and online.

Following a meeting in Cardiff, the FSA plans to make audit reports as widely available as possible for the public. According to Terence Collins, FSA’s Director of communication, the reason behind this decision is to make ratings simple and easily understood for every single business.

Apart from Scotland which is under a very simple Food Hygiene Information Scheme, the FSA’s Food Hygiene Rating Scheme will be tested throughout United Kingdom.

As a result, ratings will range from 0 (improvement urgently needed) to 5 (very good), and will have to be displayed on a certificate. This information will also be made available online, at

Rating primary meat processing plants is the next step forward for the FSA, as meat audit are currently only available through Freedom of Information requests.

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